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The word "stich" means a line of poetry. We like to think that's a nice metaphor for what we're trying to accomplish.

Let's keep turning the Web into stiches! Learn more about us.

Turning the Web into Stiches.


Stiching just got easier! Drag this link to your bookmark toolbar and create stiches in a matter of seconds from any website.

Stich It« Click-and-drag this to link to your bookmark toolbar.

How to Use the Bookmarklet

  1. Click-and-drag the bookmarklet link to your bookmark toolbar.
  2. Go to any webpage and highlight text on the page.
  3. Click on the Stich.It bookmarklet.
  4. A window will appear after a moment. Any links mentioned in the body of the text you highlighted will be extracted for you and will appear in our text box for you to stich.
  5. Edit the list of links if necessary.
  6. Click 'Stich It' to create your stich.

We hope you enjoy it. Report any bugs here.

Bookmarklet New!

Stiching got easier! Drag this to your bookmark toolbar:

Stich It

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What's a Stich?

What's a Stich?

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